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Lian Li PC-V2120 Review

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Lian Li ships the massive V2120 in a huge, full color cardboard box. Let me say it right here on the first page: the V2120 is not just a large chassis, but also very expensive. That being a fact, we will take an especially close look at every aspect of the chassis. It is good to see that you will not get a simple brown cardboard box to start with, but a fairly informative color package. Holes on each side allow you to carry the chassis home from the post office or shop, but considering the overall dimensions, you better get the help of a friend - unless you are seven feet tall and have an arm span of an NBA player. I with my 5'5 would never be able to carry this thing very far even though weight would not be an issue.

Considering its size, the V2120 is held in place by fairly compact Styrofoam spacers. While these may be cause for some concern, our sample made it half way across the world and to me in perfect condition, so I do not think such a worry is warranted.


Lian Li has included an extensive set of contents, just as we have come to expect from the company. You will get enough screws to fill the entire chassis, along with the plastic parts for the expansion cards support beam. Lian Li also includes a little plastic box to hold all remaining screws, a USB to USB 2.0 header adapter intended to convert USB 3.0 to 2.0 and allow them to be connected directly to the mainboard, a backplate for workstation/server type of boards and extensive manuals to get you started.
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