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Lian Li PC-V600F Review

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Lian Li ships the PC-V600F series of cases in their standard full color cardboard package. It features an image of the chassis itself on the larger sides, while the smaller ones list the specifications and show the other color variants. Handles on both sides of the package make transportation from the post office or shop an easy task.

Lian Li sandwiches the case between two thick Styrofoam spacers. The PC-V600F is further protected against scratches and damage by a plastic bag.


You will receive a set of sorted screws along with hard drive rails and a basic USB 3.0 to 2.0 adapter. I am surprised to see such a different cable with a case that still costs almost 200 Euro as the fully encased ones are certainly of better quality. Interestingly enough, Lian Li does use these better ones in other cases but not the PC-V600F. A manual and promotional flyer round up the extras of the chassis.
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