Lian Li PC-V650B 4

Lian Li PC-V650B

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As with most cases of the PC-V range, Lian Li ships the V650 in a fully colored cardboard box. Both large sides are identical, with an image of the case and a visual list of features. The other two sides have a full list of specifications and a check mark next to the color option contained within.

The chassis is held in place by fairly thin foam spacers. These, combined with the sturdy cardboard box, seem sufficient to protect a light unit such as this from damage during transportation. The V650 has, on top of that, been tucked into a heavy-duty plastic bag to keep scratches and fingerprints away.


You will get all the screws you could possibly need, a few cable-management bits, and a USB 3.0 20-pin to USB 2.0 9-pin adapter. A flyer and a fairly detailed manual in numerous languages completes all the extras this Lian Li case comes with.
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