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Lian-Li Tyr PC-X2000 HTPC/Gaming Chassis Review

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Packaging & Contents

The Lian-Li Tyr PC-X2000 ist huge! Yes I have used the word "huge" in a case review before, but this case takes the cake - by a long shot. The package gives you an idea as to the overall size. It is almost a one meter high and has an image of the towering case on the front. The side holds a further image with some more detail about the layout of the X2000 and lists the enclosure's specifications in multiple languages.

The inner package is slightly different as well. Instead of having Styrofoam spacers on the top and bottom of the case, they have been placed on the front and rear of the X2000. The unique dimensions are the reason for this. It seems like Lian-Li is shipping all their cases with spacers made of this brittle material. It would have been nice to see real foam spacers instead, but as you can see, the case made it here safe and sound.


The contents within the case are plentiful, just as we have come to expect from Lian-Li. Each screw type comes in a seperate bag, so you yould easily find the ones needed. A small plastic case has also been added to hold any left over screws after installation and metal back plate for server and workstation systems can also be found in the mix.

The X2000 also ships with eight SATA cables, which is a small surprise. There are also six handles to use for hard drive installation. This is yet another system to mount them besides the rubber ring & screw method, so it should be interesting to see, why Lian-Li has changed it once again.
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