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Lian Li Tyr PC-X500 Review

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The package of the Tyr PC-X500 - or X500 in short, looks identical to that of the much larger X2000 case. The larger sides show an image of the chassis, while the smaller side goes into greater detail and lists the specifications of the X500. Lian-Li further protects the enclosure with compact foam spacers. While these are not as large as we are used to seeing, it is quite sufficient. Even though the package has a few dents and scratches - having been shipped half way across the world, the case itself is in flawless condition.


The set of contents can be considered well above average. You will not find a lot of screws, as special ones are required to install the drives. Lian-Li also includes two SATA cables. The small plastic box we have received in combination with the X2000 has been replaced by a larger one for this chassis. The manual is quite detailed and features gray scale images for each installation step.
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