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Logisys Wireless Remote MultiFunction Panel Review

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The Unit

The panel is designed to fits perfectly into any 5.25" computer drive bay.

Type:FP800BK Panel
Remote Buttons:Power & Reset
Panel Input:5VSB & 12V
Remote Power:Alkaline Batteries
Remote Range:12-15 feet
Fan Control:3-Pin
Temperature Sensors:2 Independent Probes and Meters
Antenna:Single Telescopic Antenna
Dimensions:14.7 x 4.2 x 10cm, 5.75'x 1.63" x 5.94" (LxWxD)

The unit seems to be well built, its aluminum body feels very strong. The aluminum's black color matched perfectly with my Lian Li PC-65B (review here). The two meters are well placed off to the side, followed by a single fan controller, one Firewire port, and two USB ports. Above that are two lights: one red for power and one green for restart.

Broad view of the front of the panel

Closeup of the ports, fan controller, and the two system lights.

The back view of the panel.

Side of the panel

Here we can see the electronics of the unit, as well as a close up picture of some of the trimmers used for tweaking the temperature sensors and other major voltages.

Below are some various shots of connectors for the panel.

Pictured are the headers for the Power/Reset functions.

This is the unit's power connector.

These pins are for the USB and Firewire connection.
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