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Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard

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A closer look

The Logitech G15 is actually very large and weighs much more than your usual office counterpart. When compared to a normal Logitech Media keyboard the difference becomes quite noticeable. The programmable buttons on the left of the G15 are the reason for the actual size of the keyboard. The top of the keyboard has two handles, so the keyboard can be carried back and forth from your LAN party without any problems.

The LCD screen is just about as large as any drive bay VFD, and can be opened or closed. That way the G15 can be transported around without having to worry about breaking the LCD.

As mentioned before, the left side of the keyboard houses the programmable keys. The top has 3 "M" buttons and 18 "G" buttons. There are 54 different functions these 18 "G" buttons can handle, as each of them can have 3 different ones, for each "M" button available. It would be hard to remember 18 different functions and even harder to remember all 54 of them. It is still nice to see that we have more than we may ever need.

Just to the left of the LCD, there is a switch depicting a PC and a Joystick. I was not sure what that button was there for until reading the manual. When set to PC, the Windows button is active and when you hit the switch, they become inactive. That way you will not drop back into windows when playing your favorite game. A very nice touch indeed. On the right side of the LCD, there are two round buttons: one mutes the sound and the other one turns the lighting of the keyboard on and off.

The back of the keyboard houses two USB ports, one on either side of the LCD. This is perfect for users, who want to connect the mouse right into the keyboard, instead of the back of the PC, or for USB memory sticks.

The keyboard has little feet in the back which can be raised. But even with the feet up, the keyboard lies quite flat. I still got used to it quite quickly and typing on it was actually very good. The pressure needed to press down on the buttons is not quite as high as the normal Logitech keyboards and feels very good and responsive. A definite plus!
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