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UE BOOM Personalized Edition

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The personalized UE BOOM we got is of the black/red color combination, which is the, in my opinion, best-looking color combination currently available. When powered on, the device emits a sound of buddies motorcycle revving, which is better than the blip-blop sound the BOOMs usually play. Pretty minor, it could turn out to be quite neat if you plan on using the BOOM for a promotion or as part of an event.

The general design is the same for this revision of the BOOM, which is a good thing as the design is pretty bomb proof. UE included a little dirt guard for the bottom jacks, a great little addition to the bundle.

Rubberized heavy duty controls give the UE BOOM a pretty simple but rugged look. The button mechanisms can take a fair amount of abuse.

The UE BOOM still sets the bar in terms of design when it comes to portable bluetooth speakers. The BOOM's rubberized and simple look make it stand out without being flashy but stylish. All the details are well thought-out and make sense.


UE has been developing their app at a rapid pace since the launch of the BOOM. The newest app adds another EQ profile for more boost to the bass than any previous option. The bass is still modest, below 50 Hz, due to driver and amplification limitations.

One thing we absolutely adore is the addition of the double-up lock. The now antiquated firmware version had you double-up manually each time you turned the BOOM on. The BOOM can now remember the last profile used, which includes whether two BOOMs were used in double or stereo mode and which EQ stetting was enabled.

The alarm feature has been upgraded and now includes even more options.
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