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The new Logitech UE Boombox is visually appealing. Its anodized aluminum surface looks, combined with the blue (or a number of other colors), pretty stunning. The finish is exceptional on all of the details. The grill uses a quite complex, double-curved design that is brilliantly executed. You will immediately recognize that this thing is solidly built after grabbing it for the first time. Of course, you do expect a lot from a $350 design, but the boombox exceeds any that we have had so far.

Its long shape brings back memories of older portable sound systems, but that is about its only tribute to the ancient boomboxes of the past century.

As far as aluminum craftsmanship goes, the boombox is perfect. The anodizing is of a very high quality and there are no visible blemishes. Aluminum is, of course, durable and so is this surface coating, but do not expect it to survive a close encounter with abrasives such as sand and dirt. This device is intended for use on the move, and I can see a market in designing some carrying/protective gear, which would allow you to bring it to the beach without damaging the beautiful finish.

All of the primary controls are housed at the end of the boombox. On the top, you have the Bluetooth connect button , on/off, mini-jack in, and power in. The space between the power cord and mini-jack in allows you to play music through the mini-jack while charging the device. The controls are super simple, and it is easy to feel your way to the button you are looking for since they operate by different activation methods.

The volume can, of course, be controlled on your player, but there is also a built in controller. The two work simultaneously, which means that you have to set the device volume both on your player and on the boombox.

The rubber base is a well-integrated little feature of the Logitech UE Boombox. You don't really notice it just by looking at it, but it does a good job in both decoupling the device from the surface and providing some necessary grip so the Boombox can stand safely on various surfaces.

A very shapely Boombox indeed!
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