Logitech UE 900 In-ears 0

Logitech UE 900 In-ears

Value and Conclusion

  • The Logitech UE 900 in-ears sell for $400
  • Great sound quality
  • Cable with microphone included
  • Five sets of silicone tips plus three sets of Comply foam-tips
  • User replaceable cable
  • Good sound stage
  • Price
  • Memory wire in the cables
  • Remote function only for iDevices
  • Bundle lacks a clam shell or some other small and portable protective-case
These are of a good value for a set of $400 in-ears, especially considering the massive bundle you get which them. They offer performance that is in the same class as the Westone 4Rs – our benchmark. While the UE900s are not quite as good when it comes to their core sound-quality, they do make up for it with a lower price and a better feature set. The Westone 4Rs will cost way over $500 with a microphone combo.

The brand new shell design allows for a much better fit than the older stick found on such in-ears as the Triple.fi 10s. These in-ears are bulkier than their Westone counterparts and have a hard time delivering quite the same amount of noise attenuation. These are, however, very minor issues. The in-ears are – for a set of in-ears that are primarily going to be used on the move and as a headset - a really good deal at $400; that is, if you want really good sound quality on the go.