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MP4Nation Brainwavz M1 In-ears Review

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The Package

Like its bigger brother the Brainwavz M2, the M1s ship in a well padded cardboard box. The insides of the box are packed with foam, so you have to be incredibly unlucky to receive a damaged pair.

The bundle is really good considering that this is a set of $39.50 in-ears. You get a lot of different tips, a carrying case and a shirt clip.

Another slightly unusual feature is the 45 degree angled mini-jack. The connector should work with pretty much all players on the market today, apart from those that are deeply recessed.

With the shirt clip hooked on to the cable you can eliminate a lot of unwanted microphonic noise. The clip implementation is not as unique as that featured on iMetal earphones, but it works alright.

Closer Examination

The M1 in-ears look alright. Compared to the M2s they are smaller but seem equally well built despite the obvious differences in material choice. In the ear these in-ears are almost invisible because their shell is quite flat for a set of dynamic based in-ears.

The shell seems well designed and executed. The strain relief is very short but seems quite efficient. Comfort wise these in-ears perform great due to the fact that their shells do not interfere with the exterior parts of your ears.

One of the best things about the new line of in-ears from MP4Nation is that they all share the same durable cable.

Unfortunately with the M1 you are left with single compound tips instead of the much nicer dual compounds of the M2. But you would expect these kinds of sacrifices considering that the M1s are $20 cheaper than its bigger brother the M2s.
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