MP4Nation Brainwavz M2 In-ears 0

MP4Nation Brainwavz M2 In-ears Review

Value and Conclusion

  • The MP4Nation Brainwavz M2 can be had for $59.50
  • Great design
  • Good build quality (apart from the strain reliefs on our pre-production model)
  • Full bodied sound signature
  • Natural sound
  • Price
  • Cable design
  • Bundle
  • Strain relief mounting system (glue on smooth aluminum = bad idea)
  • Microdetailing not on level with slightly more expensive in-ears
The MP4Nation Brainwavz M2 turned out to be a bass lovers delight. Once you get over the immediate fascination of the low end you will come to learn that the warm and forward midrange is quite fabulous as well considering that these in-ears sell for just under $60. Considering that they are $20 less than Head-Directs RE0s, Sunrise SW-Xcapes these offer amazing value.
The M2 emphasize on musicality rather than precision like the Sunrise and Head-Directs do to a certain degree, however, if you can live with a less detail oriented sound, the M2s are one hell of a bargain. The only real downside to the M2s is the way the strain relief is mounted. Gluing natural rubber to a smooth aluminum surface is asking for trouble. Using a better adhesive, on the final model released to the market, will perhaps solve the problem, but only time will tell.