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MSI Next-Gen GAMING 5 Preview Review

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As past MSI GAMING motherboards, the MSI GAMING 5 motherboard comes in the same thematic package, a nice black box with a large silver-colored red dragon on the front. The front and rear cover just what little bit of information you need and no more. MSI is not about to waste your time with a bunch of flashy logos and pictures.

My sample comes directly from MSI's MTC lab, which tests the hardware to make sure what I get to play with accurately shows what the product offers. Once testing is complete, they seal the box with a sticker and send it on its way. MSI's MTC always includes a hand-written list of what hardware they used to test the board, which drivers were used, and what their results were, so that I have something to base my own testing on. This sheet is always the first thing to greet me when I first open boxes from MSI's MTC, and it is a small touch I myself greatly appreciate.

Removing their piece of paper reveals the board itself on top, inside an anti-static bag. The included accessories are below the board and a piece of cardboard.
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