MSI N275GTX Lightning GTX 275 1792 MB 13

MSI N275GTX Lightning GTX 275 1792 MB Review

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MSI's packaging is dominated by black, which makes it look stylish and elegant. The front has only the most basic product information and a large picture of the F22 Raptor. On the back you find a lot of detail about the unique features of this product. One other thing that I noticed is that the cardboard that makes up the package is rather thin which gives the whole box a quite flimsy feeling.


You will receive:
  • Graphics card
  • Documentation + Driver CD + Afterburner Utility CD
  • PCI-Express power cable
  • HDMI cable
  • HDMI adapter (DVI to HDMI, why?)
  • DVI to analog adapter
  • SPDIF audio cable
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