Mach Xtreme GX 16 GB USB 3.0 0

Mach Xtreme GX 16 GB USB 3.0

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A Closer Look

Taking a look at the stick itself, it is very slim and long. The one side has the model name "MX-GX" printed on it, while the other has the Mach Xtreme company name along with USB 3.0 all over it. The case of the flash drive is made of sturdy Aluminum, while the rear end is plastic.

As mentioned before, the MX-GX is rather long and slim. One could say that it is twice as long as a traditional USB 2.0 device. Overall, I would rather go for a slightly wider unit if it is not as long, but thanks to the shape of the MX-GX, any neighboring plugs on a notebook or PC will still be accessible.

Taking a closer look at the rear, the plastic cap is actually semi-transparent and a green activity LED is embedded into this end. There is also a loop hole so that you can place the MX-GX on your key chain or use a lanyard of your own if you wish. An Aluminum cap covers the connector. There is no way to place this cap on the back of the stick when in use, so you better keep an eye out for it, or you may loose it.

The connector is nothing out of the ordinary, with CE and FCC logos lasered into one side, while the serial number has been placed on the other side of the metal plug.
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