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Mach Xtreme MS-DS 120 GB SSD

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Mach Xtreme is a fairly new player in the memory market, but lots of their staff are people known in the memory industry. Their new MX-DS 120 GB SSD is based on Sandforce's SF-1222 controller which is the latest and greatest available at this time. It uses several new techniques that help with performance, data integrity and data security. Also it is the first controller to work without additional DRAM cache memory which reduces production costs.

About Mach Xtreme Technology
MX Technology is a new brand in the memory business, which was established very recently in January 2010. Even though Mach Xtreme has yet to celebrate its first birthday, all the staff members have an extensive background and long history within the IT industry. Mach Xtreme offers not only memory kits of all different flavors, but also SSDs and USB 3.0 flash drives as well. Most of their publicity is due to their colorful and urban branding, which is clearly visible all over their website. We have the pleasure to take a look at their Sandforce based SSD drive today. It simply carries the identifier "DS" and comes with 120 GB capacity.


Brand:Mach Xtreme
Model:MX-DS 120 GB
Controller:Sandforce SF-1222
Flash Type:Intel MLC, 34 nm
Form Factor2.5"
Capacity128 GB (111.79 GB usable)
8 GB overprovisioning
Interface:SATA II
TRIM supported:Yes
NCQ supported:Yes
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