Mach Xtreme MX-ES 32 GB USB 3.0 0

Mach Xtreme MX-ES 32 GB USB 3.0 Review

Value and Conclusion

  • The Mach Xtreme MX-ES SLC USB 3.0 flash drive with 32 GB sells for around 59 Euros including taxes. Expect to see a price tag of 69 USD excluding taxes at various eTailers in the US.
  • SLC flash inside
  • Awesome average write-speeds of 130 MB/s
  • Excellent average read-speeds of 160 MB/s
  • Fairly compact drive
  • Aluminum housing
  • Activity LED
  • Available with up to 64 GB
  • Nowhere close to the advertised write speed
  • Cheap, simple OEM housing
  • Loophole for keychain is the weakest part of its housing
  • Blue LED with a red housing looks weird
The Mach Xtreme MX-ES drive may not look like much. In fact, it looks so simple that you may easily mistake it for a cheap drive from some unknown manufacturer, which is too bad since the drive really packs a punch because of its included SLC flash memory. The drive is, even with SLC memory, not too expensive, especially because it offers an excellent average of 130 MB/s write and a still impressive average of 160 MB/s read. The MX-EX is, while neither of these numbers are as high as the advertised ones, still one of the fastest sticks we have tested in terms of read performance, and it flat out beats the competition by miles when being written to. Mach Xtreme may not have a clue about keeping a company image through proper, uniform housing and branding of products, but the MX-ES is still, even if Mach Xtreme is being overly optimistic with their advertised performance, one of the quickest drives we have tested to date.