Mad Moxx X800 GTO² Burstfire 16

Mad Moxx X800 GTO² Burstfire

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The card

The card comes in a “custom” cardboard box, there are foam inserts protecting the contents. There is also a sticker showing you what you get.

After lifting the foam lid, you have an insight of all the components of the bundle:

It might seem that things could easily get broken with this sort of packaging (nothing is secured), but everything came through in one piece. The foam inserts really do a good job of protecting the bundle.

Next, we move on to see what you actually get:

The bundle consists of the card and all the necessary cables to get it up and running. Also, 3 CDs are included: Sapphire Select, Power DVD, and a CD with drivers.

The Arctic cooling Silencer covers most of the card, and does a very good job of keeping it cool. It has several advantages over most standard GPU coolers, for example it exhausts hot air directly out of the back of your case. One disadvantage can be the fact that it occupies two slots instead of one, as the original GTO² cooler does. More information about the Silencer can be found in our review, here.

Output and input wise, the card has 1 DVI port, and 1 VGA. Also, there is a TV out connector.

One thing that I found annoying was the placement of the PEG connector, right under the fan. This way, it is hard to reach, and makes installation a little more painful than usual.

On a final note, you can see a comparison between the X800GTO² and a standard Sapphire X800GT
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