Mapower MAP-KC31 eSATA & USB 2.0 HDD 2

Mapower MAP-KC31 eSATA & USB 2.0 HDD Review

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Packaging & Contents

The bright white box that Mapower ships the MAP-KC31 in is average in size for an enclosure. On the front of the box is a small picture of the enclosure and the words "The King's Collection". On the back of the box can a larger image can be seen. It shows the enclosure with some specific features in six different languages.

On either side of the box you will find the various specifications and system requirements. Even detailed are the several different interfaces and their specific information for the various models in the MAP-KC31 series.

Should you need to transport the enclosure, Mapower has added a handle to the box for your convenience. When this box is opened you will find an inner box that feels slightly thicker and much more sturdy.

When you lift the sides up to open the box, it literally unfolds like a spacecraft and reveals the enclosure protected in plastic as well as an additional box that contains the rest of the contents. Since it was all packed neatly and tightly I believe the packaging is done well and could survive a few accidental bumps here or there.

Inside the accessory box are an installation diagram and a sheet detailing driver installation, which is not required if you are running Windows 2000, XP or Vista. If running Windows 98 or prior a driver must be obtained from the manufacturer website. Also enclosed are the various accessories including the USB cable and an eSATA cable. Other hardware accessories include four screws for securing the drive in the enclosure as well as a small hex key tool for dismantling the enclosure. A plastic stand has been included if you prefer the enclosure to stand on its side rather than laying flat.

Also included is the Power Supply for the enclosure. It is nice that the enclosure uses this type of power supply as opposed to a bulky power brick that is included with other enclosures.
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