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Packaging and Accessories

Matias operates a web shop out of Canada and also has a warehouse in New York (for USA orders), which is where this review sample came from. It is thus indicative of the retail shipping experience for customers as well. So we begin with a look at the shipping packaging, and Matias does a very good job here in not only choosing an appropriately sized box, but also having bubble wrap surrounding the product box itself.

Matias makes keyboards for Windows and MacOS computers, and thus, we see the front of the product box displaying a Windows keyboard at the very top to avoid confusion. There is also the company and product name in large font next to an illustration of the keyboard and some salient marketing features on the bottom. More of the same can be found on the back and sides where we have another illustration, specs, and more marketing speak in English and French (Canada, that's why). There is a built-in handle to help transport the box if need be, although I suspect most will never end up using it once the keyboard is out, and a flap in the center helps with keeping the contents inside in check.

Open the box and you see a piece of thin foam on top protecting the keyboard underneath, which in turn is in a foam sleeve as well for yet more protection. Under the keyboard and enclosed in a separate compartment are the accessories - a quick start/warranty guide and two separate cables. The quick start part of the guide is hilarious in that I am reminded of how a simple keyboard has become so complex recently to justify needing a thick manual, compared to here where it is clearly tongue-in-cheek in reminding you about how simple this keyboard will be to use. As it turns out, the Matias Quiet Pro uses detachable cables, and we have a 1 m and 1.8 m long cable provided here. Both have a right-angled male micro-USB connector on one end and a male USB Type-A connector on the other. This helps provide some cable-management options if your computer is closer to the keyboard, or simply leaves you with a cable to take along if you plan on using this keyboard on the go.
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