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Matrox TripleHead2Go Analog Edition Review

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Matrox packs the TripleHead2Go into a slim box, which uses blue as the main color. The device is illustrated on the front of the package, while the back lists its features in multiple languages. Inside the thin cardboard box is another sturdy, brown one.

This inner box holds the device, which is packed in an antistatic bag and a bag with all needed cables in a heavy duty plastic bag.


You will find a VGA cable and a VGA to DVI cable inside the bag. Both are of very high quality and feature ferrite cores on either end, even though it is less than a meter long. A CD with drivers and documentation is also inside the inner package.

Unlike the DualHead2Go Digital, the TripleHead2Go requires a power brick as it draws more than the 0.5A a USB connection can deliver. The power supply is rated for 3A and Matrox includes a two pronged cable for countries like Germany or Austria and a three pronged one used in the UK.
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