Microcool Banchetto 101 10

Microcool Banchetto 101 Review

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The Microcool Banchetto comes in refreshingly different packaging that opens to reveal the case inside. On the left and right sides of the box there are images of the Banchetto while on the back side you will find the specifications and a picture of the unit with a PC assembled on it.

Upon opening the packaging you will find the bench station packed nicely inside Styrofoam blocking. Included accessories are packed into one of the external cavities to prevent damage of the unit.


Once removed from the packaging the bench station is still wrapped in protective plastic. This keeps it from getting scratched or damaged while in transport and during unpacking.

Microcool provides two necessary sizes of thumbscrews used in assembling the Banchetto. These are also used in assembling the PC inside the unit as well. Also included is seven expansion bay support risers. As an optional accessory, Microcool also provides a bracket that can be used to mount two 92 mm fans to aid in cooling for the PC.
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