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Microsoft Razer Reclusa Review

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I would like to thank the Austrian branch of Microsoft for supplying the sample.

Microsoft and Razer are both very well known when it comes to input devices. Microsoft has a full range of keyboards and mice, while Razer offers all the input devices "From Gamers, For Gamers". While Microsoft has a few very successful mice and keyboards, there is nothing that is geared specifically at the gaming community. The devices developed with Razer are in fact a perfect combination of both their respective fields of expertise. The Microsoft Razer Habu which we reviewed here is proof of this. Today we take a look at another product of this collaboration - the Microsoft Razer Reclusa.

Packaging & Contents

The outer packaging is kept in the same theme as all other Microsoft keyboards and mice. With a red color and big image of the keyboard, giving the potential buyer a good look. The fact that the keyboard was developed with Razer is pointed out as well. The back of the packaging lists all the features and a larger image of the keyboard with all the different functions pointed out.

The inner box is made of plain cardboard and the user's manual can be seen from the outside. Once opened up, the keyboard, wrist pad and manuals/CD can be seen.

The afore mentioned manuals and the software CD do not look out of the ordinary. The CD features the Razer logo as well.
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