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Mionix AVIOR 8200 Review

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The Package

Mionix is sticking to their new minimalistic box, which a lot of companies should adopt. It is a simple box that protects the mouse and gives you the opportunity to look at its shape.

The bundle consists of a short guide and sticker. You have to go online to get the mouse driver, which also ensures you get its latest version.

Mionix's new cable solution looks quite sleek and performs alright for a sleeved cable.

Closer Examination

Mionix always had a flair for producing mice that looked good, and the AVIOR is no exception. It is all-black, just like previous models from Mionix, and there is a small LED underneath the scroll wheel and palm-plate logo.

The sensor is placed in the middle of the mouse, which is as it should be! The AVIOR 8200 features Avago's 8200 DPI ADNS-9800 laser sensor, but it does not suffer from Z-axis drift in this implementation. Its mouse feet are big and placed well, so the mouse does not wobble at all.

Surface-wise, the AVIOR is similar to the NAOS. It is completely covered in a soft-touch finish which not only feels good but also helps reduce perspiration issues.

The scroll wheel is the same as on the NAOS and performs great. There is just enough tactile feedback and it is quiet.

Side-button placement is spot on with the AVIOR; it may seem like a small thing but makes all the difference in terms of comfort.

The AVIOR has no LED indicators to tell you what DPI it is running, but it still has the two DPI buttons just south of the scroll wheel. These can of course be reassigned in the driver suite.


The driver suite is nearly identical to that of the NAOS, which is a good thing. It worked without a hitch during testing and comes with lots of mouse-specific adjustment options. Mionix's S.Q.A.T (Surface Quality Analyzer Tool) also helps you optimize the lift-off distance.
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