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Mionix Naos 5000 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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The Mionix mouse ships in a black cardboard box with a very sparse bundle.

The bundle only includes a set of weights for the internal weight. For drivers you have to visit their site, which is not a bad thing in my opinion since the mouse is very new and already the driver has been revised several times.

Mionix have taken the idea of a weight system to a new level. Instead of placing the weights in the center of the mouse which means that the internals have to be raised they have divided the system into to compartments located on each side of the central PCB inside the mouse. This should yield a lower center of gravity which in turn should improve the perceived handling of the mouse.

Closer Examination

Besides the odd LEDs the Naos 5000 looks quite good. It features a debatable rubberized surface which has its own pros and cons. It is not quite as durable as a hard plastic surface, however, the softer feel of it is generally a desirable quality. The Naos features three LEDs on the side which tells you which sensitivity it is set to, right next to the LED array there are two back / forward buttons.

The shape of the Mionix Naos mouse is quite neat. Featuring a strict right hand only design it has a very hand friendly shape, however, it forces you to grip it in a very specific way which can be both a good and a bad thing. During the course of my tests I became quite fond of the shape, but I do prefer mice with a less defined grip.

Like other modern gaming mice the Mionix Naos 5000 has four huge mouse feet made of some form of Teflon. There is a slight issue with the leveling of the mouse feet which makes it wobble a tad back and forth. This is either due to the mouse feet not being level or the bottom shell not being completely straight, either way it is enough to be annoying to start with, but my best guess is that it will fade as the feet are worn in.

The sensor is placed in the center of the mouse which makes it handle neutral in games. Sensor-wise this mouse is very well equipped since it features an Avago 9500-series sensor, which is one of the best sensors currently available.

The weights are accessible from the bottom by pushing two small buttons forward. Each of the two compartments can house up to five, five gram weights.

If you are fond of curves you will likely be very fond of the Naos 5000, every surface is shaped for better grip.

At night the light system can be a bit bright. If you are into modding, this mouse will definitely satisfy your every need with regard to lights. The color is customizable in the driver just like we saw with the CoolerMaster Sentinel Advance.
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