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Mionix Naos 8200 Gaming Mouse

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The Package

Mionix slimmed down everything for the revamped version of the NAOS mouse.

Bundle-wise, there are some changes for the 8200 DPI version of the NAOS. Since Mionix opted out of running gimmicky weight-tweak systems, the weights have obviously been removed from the bundle.

Mionix kept the same braided cable for the 8200, which is alright but still not on par with non-braided cables in terms of drag performance.

Closer Examination

The NAOS retains its immensely comfortable shape and button layout. Do not fix it if it works! Ever since the NAOS 5000 came out, it has been our reference in terms of ergonomics. The shape works well with most hands and is extremely comfortable to use over extended periods of time. The button layout is also top-notch.

Everything on top of the Mionix NAOS 8200 is basically like on the 5000. This is a good because the original was one of the most comfortable mice designed. The button mechanisms work great and all have a relatively short travel length. Side button placement is ideal for a palm-type grip.

The NAOS design forces you to grip the mouse in a specific way, but unlike most, the shape here works with a huge range of differently sized hands. The bulges on the right side of the mouse are big enough to be noticed, but they still allow for some room to reposition your fingers for optimum comfort.

DPI adjustment is controlled via the two buttons just south of the scroll wheel. It is easy to reach and you can't hit them accidentally.

Mionix dropped the weight-adjustment system for the 8200 version, which can only be applauded. The center of gravity is just above the mat and the mouse feet work brilliantly on anything from soft cloth to hard plastic mats.


Mionix kept the look and functionality of the 5000 driver suite. It works fine and gives you a lot of things to tweak. Mionix still uses the Surface Quality Analyzer Tool (SQAT) to give you an idea of whether the mat will work with the mouse. All of the mats we tested scored above 90%. The macro functionality is good but does not feature any pre-programmed macros, which could have proven handy. The driver suite only takes up 35MB of RAM, which is good compared to the SteelSeries suite that hogs up 125MB of RAM.
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