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DFI Lanparty Freezer Review

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DFI Lanparty Freezer

Let's start playing with the DFI Lanparty Freezer.

Base size:Base: 50 x 40mm
Dimensions:without fittings: 50 x 40 x 14mm (L x W x H)
Base plate:Pure Copper 5mm
Top plate:Brass 5mm
Threading:G 1/4


  • DFI Lanparty Freezer
  • Two O-Rings
  • Two washers
  • Two screws with fitting nuts
We could not find any instructions or thermal paste in the package.


The cooler has four channels to make sure cooling performance is there, while not restricting flow too much. The channels have been cut by a CNC mill, you can still see some score marks, but no chips or similar.


The coolers surface is very flat and smooth to make sure heat transfer is good.


Installation is rather easy:
  • After removing the stock cooler, the die of the NF4 chipset has to be cleaned and a thin layer of thermal paste put on it.
  • Next you put the on the cooler (make sure you put it on parallel to the chipset), then screw it down with the included screws and nuts.
  • On the motherboard back side, do not forget to put the washers between board and screw, otherwise a short circuit could be possible.
  • Do not screw down the screws too hard, there is no stop, you could crush the die and break your board.
  • Two brass gaskets with built-in o-rings have to go between cooler and fitting to make sure everything is watertight.
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