DFI Lanparty Freezer 4

DFI Lanparty Freezer

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This results in about 7°C temperature difference between water and chipset, at around 25-40W heat load.


  • You can buy DFI Lanparty Freezer for expensive $50, only in germany, from MIPS computer. This makes it one of the most expensive chipset cooler on the market.
  • Unique SLI-compatible cooler
  • Solid cooling performance
  • Good build quality
  • Reduces noise
  • High price
  • Availability
  • Package is not complete
  • Only for a certain motherboard
The DFI Lanparty Freezer is a solid and pretty chipset cooler. The only cooler which fits on a fully set up SLI-system. But being unique has its price and the package could be more complete as well.
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