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First of all we would like to thank MIPS Computer for supplying us with the RAM Freezers.

MIPS-Computer is both manufacturer and distributor, but there are many retailers in Europe and Canada as well, which are listed on their website. MIPS products are made in Germany, which stands for solid quality.

Some time has passed since we tested the MIPS DFI LanParty Freezer. Now there is a new product from the MIPS Freezer Series, called RAM Freezer.
The RAM Freezer is the first DDR(1/2/next gen?) memory water cooling device on the market.

Now, maybe you want to ask me why should I watercool my memory?
If you want maximum overclocking and so the best performance, you often have to cool the memory.

With higher voltage you likely get a higher overclock, but always more heat. Of course you can cool the memory with a fan, but that means more noise and may not be the best cooling solution.

In this review we will test the different types of popular chips such as the low voltage and high frequency Samsung TCCD (ex.: OCZ PC3200EL Platinum rev2; G.Skill PC4800F1), high voltage and low latency Winbond UTT-CH5 (ex.: OCZ VX4000; Mushkin XP4000) and the standard 2GB chips Samsung UCCC (ex.: G.Skill 4000HZ(2GB), OCZ PC4000EL GOLD (2GB).


Base aluminum cold plate size:Base: 120 x 24 mm
Dimensions:without fittings: 120 x 25 x 46 mm (L x W x H)
Weight:~200 g
Cold plate:Aluminum 2 mm
Heatsink base:Pure Copper 3 mm
Threading plate:Brass 5 mm
Threading adapter:Brass 10 mm
Threading:G 1/4
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