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MIPS RAM Freezer Review

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The MIPS RAM Freezer fits on every motherboard with a distance of 25 mm between the two DIMM slots used. On single channel mainboards with only one module, it should always fit. But today most enthusiast users have dual channel. (Socket939, LGA775)

We looked at several overclocker boards and checked on which board they should fit. We do not guarantee that this data is correct.
  • ABIT AI7
  • ABIT AA8XE Series
  • ABIT AL8 Series
  • ABIT AW8 Series
  • ASUS P5--- (except -MX) Series
  • ASUS A8N(32)-E/SLI
  • ASUS A8V Series (except -MX)
  • ASUS P4P800 Series (except -MX)
  • ASUS P4C800 Series
  • DFI LANparty nF4 (Ultra)-D/ SLI-D(R) (Expert) (tested)
  • DFI LANparty RDX200 CF-DR (tested)
  • DFI LANparty 925X-T2
  • DFI LANparty UT 915P-T12
  • DFI LANparty Pro875B
  • DFI LANparty 875P-T
  • Gigabyte GA-8I955X
  • Gigabyte GA-8N-SLI
  • MSI 955X Platinum
  • MSI P4N Diamond


We could not find anything, except the RAM Freezer (1x) in the package. A paper with instructions, a mainboard compatibility list or maybe some thermal paste is missing.
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