MIPS RAM Freezer 8

MIPS RAM Freezer Review

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If you dismantle the freezer into its components, you will see it is a quite simple structure sealed with O-rings. The cross section is wide enough to make a good flow rate possible.


First you have to remove the heatspreaders (if your RAM has some). Just get the two clips off with the screwdriver, then you can remove the rest easily with your hands.

Next you have to loosen the nuts, so you can remove one of the cold plates. Put some non-conductive thermal paste on the memory chips and put it on the other (fixed) cold plate.

Now fix the removed cold plate on the RAM and tighten the nuts. Finished. The first time it's not so easy, but after the third or fourth time it shouldn't be a problem.

After testing we looked at the contact area. It's not perfect but good enough. Memory chips aren't CPUs.
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