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ModMyMachine SlamePad Mouse mat

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The Package

The SlamePad ships in cardboard envelope so it is not that protected. Fortunately drops the cardboard envelope into a well-padded box to protect it better during transportation.

The SlamePad comes without bundle! All you get is the mat. A protective sleeve would be a nice edition since the coated surface could get scratched.

Closer Examination

The ModMyMachine pads are available in all sorts of colors. The black version is quite normal in appearance, but the other brighter colors might have a real nice effect since the mats are anodized and then probably tinted with some form of dye before receiving the ModMyMachine glide coating.

The backside of the mat is covered by a rubber anti-skid mat. This mat is glued on, and seems to be adhered sufficiently. The height of the base is a bit above average, but not an issue due to the rounded edges.

The edges are milled round which means that the mat does not cut into your wrist, substantially lowering the chance of accidentally dying while gaming!

Surface wise the SlamePad is catering to those who want an über-smooth glide. Friction wise the mat is a bit above the SteelSeries 9HD mat that we use for reference. Compared to the smooth Func-surfaces it is about the same, but with a less grainy surface. Dirt on the surface will lead to it emitting some nasty sounds when moving the mouse around on it. Finger prints show quite easily due to the smooth surface.
Since the mat is made from aluminum some condensation issues are expected. The ModMyMachine mat performs just like all other aluminum mats on the market in this aspect.

Here is something we have not seen before. The logo is milled into the mat. It is definitely decorative and fits well with the bare aluminum edges of the mat.
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