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ModMyMachine SlamePad Mouse mat Review

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The ModMyMachine SlamePad was tested with a variety of mice from right from the old school MSI IME 1.1 to the SteelSeries Xai. A brief test was also conducted with the Philips Twin-eye equipped Tt-eSports Black mouse. The mouse mat we received is black and will is therefore less likely to make the older sensors act up.

The first thing you notice with the ModMyMachine SlamePad mat is that is it cold. After the initial chill scare you begin to feel the unique surface on it. The surface coating gives the SlamePad better glide properties than the oldest aluminum pads from SteelSeries. And unlike the aluminum pads from SteelSeries the edges on the SlamePad are adequately rounded to help comfort and avoid cutting the user.

The glide of the SlamePad is dependent upon the feet fitted to your mouse. The ones that Tt-eSport uses are definitely better suited for this type of surface than those on the IME 1.1. The general trend is that the mice with hard Teflon feet perform the best on this surface.

The SlamePad's size means that it is ideal for people using a medium to high sensitivity. Some low sensitivity gamers will undoubtedly feel a bit claustrophobic playing on it, but we found it quite alright. This depends a lot on your playing style and if you are used to playing on normal sized mats this has sufficient area.

On the backside of the mat you find a glued on rubber bubble mat. The bottom is sufficiently sticky and makes the mat stay in its place even after several hours of intense gaming. The bottom solution does come with one distinct issue and that is the height the "bubbles" add. The mat’s height is borderline too high for our licking. The height is not a big issue with the SlamePad due to the finish of the edges. The milling work on this mat is quite nice even the logo at the bottom is milled into the mat, which surprisingly enough does not impede the surface’s slide qualities in that area by as much as you would think.
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