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Moneual LAB MonCaso 932 HTPC enclosure Review

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The MK700 Wireless Keyboard

The included wireless keyboard has a few interesting function. It comes with everything you need to get up and running. There is a USB receiver with an additional, but somewhat short USB cable. The dongle features a pairing button and green LED to let the user know that the keyboard was found. The two batteries for the keyboard are of an unknown brand, but will certainly do the job.

On the unit itself, you will find a track ball on the right hand corner. The keyboard will go into a suspend mode if not used for a certain period, but can be "woken up" by pressing the track ball. To the left of the mouse control unit are the media buttons, meaning you will be able to control your movie or music with the wireless keyboard. All the way to the left you will find the two mouse buttons as well as Internet navigation keys. MonCaso also included an E-Mail, Powerpoint and Excel button. Working on an excel sheet from your couch may be a bit difficult unless you have an full HD or higher capable monitor or TV.

Odds are that the keyboard will be used on your lap, while sitting on some very comfortable seating, but if you do decide to use a table, the included feet will raise the keyboard noticeably. The battery compartment is also located on the bottom of the keyboard, while there is a connect button in the center, just to the left of the battery compartment.
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