Mushkin Ascent XP3-14400 CL8 2 GB Kit 5

Mushkin Ascent XP3-14400 CL8 2 GB Kit Review

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A Closer Look

The Ascent features heatspreaders by the name of "enhanced Vapor Chamber Interface" or eVCI. Before I try to explain the technology behind the heatspreader, let me quote Mushkin:
  • Copper enhanced Vapor Chamber Interface (eVCI) provides an extremely conductive thermal path from the DRAM (10X better than solid copper).
  • Highly conductive 6063 extruded aluminum alloy encasement for effective heat exchange through convection.
  • Low profile and slim width design for full population of memory slots if desired. Won’t interfere with most large CPU heatsinks
  • Sleek and aggressive design compliments any build’s appearance

Both sides of the DIMMs look identical in shape. Both have the Mushkin logo on the edge, while one side features the sticker with the exact model specifications. The DIMMs are actually quite heavy and thick. We will make sure to check if you can install four of these next to each other on a mainboard.

The top of the memory acts as a heatsink and thus has fins, which run along the entire length of the modules. Peaking inside the heatspreader, it becomes apparent, that these are not simply aluminum slabs, but that there is quite some engineering hidden underneath the hood.

The afore mentioned sticker holds all the needed information: density, rating, intended CL setting, and the voltage needed to achieve these settings. The sticker has been strategically placed to cover one of the metal clips, holding the eVCI heatspreaders in place. The small M logo is simply printed onto these in the upper left corner. On the edge of the PCB you will find the its model number, which also reveals that these are BrainPower PCBs: B63URCA 0.71.

The memory is easily installed into the DIMM slots, as the modules are quite thick, giving you a good grip with your thumbs. We also tried two of them right next to each other, and they fit perfectly. This means that you should have no problems populating all slots on your board with the Ascent memory.
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