Mushkin XP2-6400 4GB CL4 Kit 5

Mushkin XP2-6400 4GB CL4 Kit Review

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A Closer Look

Taking a look at the memory, they are covered by white heatspreaders. These look great as white has become the new black this season. The spreaders are held in place by two metal clips and frag tape as well.

Both sides look identical. There are no special extruding parts or textures on the heatspreaders. Did I mention that I love the white?

Taking a closer look at the shape of the spreaders, they are rounded up top. Mushkin has shown off a water cooling variant in which the tubing goes through this area above the memory. Taking a look at the side of the memory, there are ICs on both sides of the PCB. Taking them off is possible, but would mean breaking the sticker and prying off the speaders. This translates into the loss of all warranties and could possibly damage the modules.

The sticker is black and white and holds a Mushkin logo, a serial number with bar code and all the needed information to set up the memory correctly. The full CL rating and required voltage range are present. The color Mushkin logo can be found on both sides ot the memory.
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