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Mushkin DDR Redline XP4000 Review

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First we would like to thank Mips-Computer for supplying us with this DDR-Ram.

After the success of the old "BH-5" PC3500 LVL2, Mushkin tries to continue the success story with the new Redline XP4000. They select the best Winbond UTT CH-5 and use them on these modules to have a big clearance above the specifications.
Also the specs are very good: 250 MHz with tightest timings of 2-2-2 (cas latency - ras to cas - row precharge) at 3.3-3.5V, but ACTIVE COOLING is required (in our review we use a Noiseblocker SX2 120mm fan @ 5V).
The XP4000 is also covered by Mushkin's Lifetime Warranty. If you haven't bought the RAM through you will have to register the memory's serial number, which is printed on the modules, for warranty. In case you might have any problems, Mushkin has a very good support via telephone or email.

Winbond UTT

Winbond UTT stands for UnTesTed, which means the ICs aren't tested by Winbond for any speed or timings and they are also unlabeled.

So the memory module manufacturer has to select the ICs, which is a lot of work, but they can charge a premium for it.
The UTT CH-5 are similiar to the old Winbond CH-5. They can run 2-3-2-X up to 22X MHz with 2.8V - 2.9V. However, the new UTT CH-5 loves voltage even more than the old CH-5. With more than 3.0+V they can get 2-2-2-X. Some old CH-5 did the same, but rarely.

Compared to the UTT BH-5, which can run 2-2-2-X with low voltage, the UTT CH-5 aren't as good as UTT BH-5 at the first sight. But the UTT CH-5 scale better with voltage. In most cases UTT BH-5 have their sweet spot at 3.3V - 3.4V and about 245 - 255 MHz. With 3.4V - 3.6V, UTT CH-5 can get about 255 - 265 MHz, which means higher performance and higher overclock.


Clock Speeds:250 MHz
CAS Latency (Tcl)2
RAS-to-CAS Delay (Trcd)2
RAS Precharge (Trp)2
Cycle Time-

From the Mushkin Product Page

The XP4000 REDLINE eliminates the memory as a potential bottleneck when overclocking.
  • Active Cooling Required

    Due to the extreme speed of these modules along with the added voltages used, Mushkin requires end users to Actively cool their memory modules. Modules that are not properly cooled will/may not meet rated timings and speeds, and may become susceptible to premature failure. We generally recommend 15-25cfm of direct airflow over the ram modules which can be easily accomplished with one 60mm or 80mm low rpm fan. This will insure increased stability and lifespan of your Redline modules.
  • Recommended Platforms

    Mushkin tests all Redline memory modules on Athlon64 platforms. Furthermore, when running two modules, only Socket 939 platforms are validated to run at rated specifications/timings. We currently recommend and validate the Redline memory series on the DFI LanParty UT NForce4 Ultra-D, DFI LanParty UT NForce4 SLI-DR, and DFI LanParty NForce4 SLI-DR boards as they provide the best combination of voltage options and compatibility for the Redline Series. Other motherboards may work, but may require modification for adequate voltages, and may not produce optimal results. Single Channel Athlon64 systems may have a hard time running 2x512mb dimms at rated speeds due to memory load on the single channel memory controller. Pentium4 and AthlonXP systems generally will not obtain rated specifications secondary to motherboard/memory controller limitations. These modules are compatible with most motherboards for Pentium4/AthlonXP CPUs, however end users are advised that lower frequencies are achieved.
The DFI Lanpary NF4 Series boards are the only validated boards for using this RAM at full speed.

On a small printed note Mushkin gives a small installation guide for the DFI Lanparty NF4 Series.


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