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Mushkin DDR Redline XP4000 Review

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Value & Conclusion

  • The 2x512 MB Dual-Channel Kit is sold for $207 directly through, which is a good price for such an overclocker's dream.
  • Tightest latencies
  • Very good performance
  • Very nice red heatspreader
  • Lifetime Warranty (which covers Vdimm up to 3.5V)
  • Lots of Voltage is required
  • Active Cooling is required
  • SPD defaults to semi wrong values
The Mushkin Redline XP4000 accommodates selected Winbond UTT CH-5 chips. For overclockers it's probably the fastest DDR-RAM in the world with the best performance. This memory can run the tightest timings without any problems. But don't forget to cool it with a fan, which is a requirement for stable operation.

You will also need a motherboard which can give you the high DDR voltages, the memory needs to really shine. If your board supports only up to 3.3V VDDR, or even less you should look elsewhere.
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