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Closer examination

The two mats I got for review are both 400mm (width) x 280mm (length) x 3.5mm (thickness).
One of them was with my custom design. I incorporated my gaming clan's logo and my nick "Boomer". I kept it in gray tones because I think it looks cool that way. It is a great feature that NOID gives you the option to create something unique, the only thing they demand is a little NOID logo to be placed at the edge of the pad.

The other mouse mat's graphic is done by Norman "ryK" Dietz, which looks really cool. This piece is called "The Eclipse", and can be bought at under RYKSERIES.

One of the things that really blew my mind was when I saw just how crisp the graphics is, even my own custom print had a really nice finish and looked totally awesome. All of the different shades of gray that I had incorporated in the design really stood out and made the pad look cool. "The Eclipse" looks really nice and to my amazement the different highlights works well because the print is so detailed and the colors are so clear and crisp.

The surface is one of the things that sets the NOIDpads aside from some of the other mouse mat manufacturers. Even though it's a hybrid mat, the surface is quite soft compared to mats such as the QPAD|CT. This makes the feel of the NOIDpads really unique. Another important feature of the NOIDpads is the finish, the edges of the mat seem to be sealed better than the ones you find on other hybrid mats i.e. Razer Mantis Speed (Everglide Titan). This should improve the durability of the mat. In my experience the biggest threat to a mat's performance is the edges beginning to tear.

As you can see from the picture above, the base of the NOIDpads is pretty ordinary. It is made of natural rubber and is similar to that used by many of the other mouse mat manufacturers today. It makes the mouse mat grip the desk surface in a way that the pad doesn't slip around while gaming. The rubber is black and goes well with the colors of the surface.
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