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NOX XTREME Moonlight Review

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The Package

The NOX XTREME Moonlight case ships in a standard cardboard box. In it the case is cushioned by two pieces of Styrofoam. The NOX case comes with all of basic stuff one might need to successfully install all of your components inside the chassis. You get a lot of screws in various forms and a lot of brass motherboard standoffs.

The case comes equipped with an acrylic side panel. The acrylic window is covered with a plastic overlay to prevent it from being scratched during transportation. Also covered with a plastic film are the polished aluminum triangles that accentuate the side panel window. All of the screws and stuff you need for installation are placed in the cardboard box installed in the lower 3.5" internal drive bay.

When it comes to size the Moonlight is a standard medium tower case in terms of number of internal and external drive bays. The positioning of the drive bays in the chassis is really good. The five internal 3.5" drive bays are positioned right in front of a 120 mm fan blowing cold air over hard drives installed. Another thing worth noticing is that this chassis comes with a total of three 120 mm fans which is really nice since with most other new cases you have to buy the fans separately. The fans located on the front and the back of the chassis are some standard black fans, however, the fan mounted on the clear acrylic side is a blue LED fan which lights up the case pretty good.

If you are looking for a case with a nice paint job and a decent bundle the Moonlight will be a good choice. And the fact that it's made from aluminum makes it really light weight for easy transportation.
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