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A Closer Look - Outside

The chassis makes a good impression upon first inspection. The angled hot-swap bay in the top makes Nox Xtreme's source of inspiration obvious, but the front looks quite nice and edgy and should appeal to a lot of gamers.

The entire front is constructed of plastic and a lot metal mesh, and is made to look like there are drive bays running along the entire height of the case, but only the top three are actual bays. Turning the chassis around, we can see that Nox Xtreme employs goblin green mesh covers for the motherboard expansion bays - pretty cool. The main side panel comes with a well-shaped window, while the other one has an extruding part of the same look. This is quite nifty and adds some extra space for cable routing.

Taking a closer look at the front, the bottom part is actually just covering up fans, while the top three are drive bays. Nox Xtreme pre-installs a 3.5" to 5.25" cover in the lowest bay, so you can use it to such a purpose right out of the box.

In the rear, the PSU bay can be found on the very bottom. It comes with two sets of holes, so you may install the power supply with the fan facing up or down. Above that are the seven motherboard expansion slots. Each goblin green metal mesh cover is held in place by a thumb screw. Above that is a 120 mm exhaust fan with goblin green fan blades to match. You will also find holes to route water cooling tubes out the back of the case.

Nox Xtreme has placed the I/O on the top of the Coolbay VX. It consists of two USB 2.0, the usual audio in/out, and a single USB 3.0 plug. On top of that, the Coolbay VX includes three separate fan controllers for various areas of the chassis. Each of them has a high/low function and the ability to stop attached fans completely. Behind this area are the hot-swap bays and a large, easily removable metal mesh cover. Below it are two spots for 120 mm fans that are spaced properly for up to 240 mm radiators. I should address the big elephant in the room at this point: Nox Xtreme ships the Coolbay VX in various colors. We received the "Goblin Green" Edition, which means that the interior of the chassis is green and black. Yes green - a refreshing change from the all-black cases out there.
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