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NVIDIA 6800GS 256MB Review

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NVIDIA provided our test sample. Thank you.

The 6800 GS is NVIDIA’s latest product in the GeForce 6 series line up. Manufactured using a 110nm process, this new GPU features 12 pixel pipelines, 5 vertex pipelines, and a 256-bit memory interface. The reference clocks for this card are 425 MHz GPU and 1000 MHz GDDR3. Like most modern NVIDIA cards, this one too has a SLI connector, so you can pair up two 6800 GS in SLI.

As you can see from the table above, the 6800 GS has a higher GPU clock than the 6800 Ultra (which is not being manufactured anymore) by 25 MHz, albeit having less pixel pipes. However, the memory is backed down on the 6800 GS in comparison to the Ultra, this time by 50 MHz (100 MHz effectively).

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