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NZXT packs the Adamas into a very sturdy black & white cardboard box. Both sides have pictures of the case and the enclosure features printed in full color. The sides are fairly boring, as they only list the specifications and what color you will get.

The case itself is packed perfectly inside the cardboard box. NZXT uses foam instead of Styrofoam, which - unlike the latter material - survives a fall without breaking apart or getting permanently dent. The four holes are actually meant for the case feet, but since the two spacers are identical, these cut-outs are included on top as well. There is a solid plastic handle, so you can carry the case home from the post office or place of purchase. The actual case is packed incredibly neat into a heavy duty plastic bag to protect it even further. Most manufacturers just place a case inside such a bag and stuff the spacers on either end. NZXT actually folded the bottom and top of the plastic perfectly.


Once unpacked, the silver, very solid Adamas is the only thing you will find at first.

Inside the case, there is a small cardboard box with a lot of different plastic bags. NZXT has placed every different kind of screw in a seperate bag. This is great as you will not need to search a single bag for the needed type. There is a small bag with metal rails to be used with optical drive bays. There are only four rails, which are enough for two drives. This means that you will need to secure any additional optical drives with traditional screws. It would have been nice to have enough rails for all drive bays. The guys at NZXT actually told me that there should have been eight of these, but due to a mixup at the factory only four were included.
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