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NZXT has chosen to ship the case in a white and blue package. This is a smart move, as it will stand out in a rack full of cases. The front and rear showcase the Alpha, while the back also lists its features. Both sides of the box hold identical information, which are the specifications. A little sticker on the bottom lets you know if you are buying the case with a window or power supply.

The case itself is packaged in strong Styrofoam. Even though the case is fairly light, NZXT goes all out, as the spacers are very thick. In addition to this, the enclosure itself is placed inside a plastic bag to further protect it from scratches and other minor damages.


The manual also comes in a plastic bag and, while it is well illustrated, is written in French! Luckily je parles francais une petite peu (= I speak a little bit of french, spelling errors included). It would have been nice to see an English or multilingual guide instead.

The box with all the extra parts has been placed inside the 3.5 inch drive bays. To hold it in place during shipping, NZXT has simply taken two of the hard drive rails and placed them on the white cardboard box. Inside you will find all the locks and rails. There are no rubber bands or plastic bags here, so you have to dig through the box to find the right rail or lock. While this is not a problem, it does not look good.

After a bit of digging, you will find three further items inside the box: a speaker for the mainboard, a bag of screws, some of which are black, and a metal part so you may lock your case if you wish.
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