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NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse Review

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A Closer Look

The mouse itself can be called "lean". It is of symmetrical shape, with clean, round curves. This means that right and left handed gamers can use the Avatar without any problems. The sides of the mouse are lined with a rubber surface, while the rest is made of high quality plastic with a fine texture to it. The overall quality can be compared to that of Razer and other big name mice out there. This is certainly a good start for NZXT.

The front of the mouse holds the two standard buttons. These are part of the outer shell of the Avatar. The mouse wheel is made of rubber and there are two additional buttons under it. These are used to decrease or increase the DPI setting.

Both sides look identical. There is a large silver button on each side. The one on the left functions as a "back" button, while the one on the right holds the "forward" functionality by default. This way, you can quickly surf the web without having to move the mouse.

The underside of the Avatar is shiny and does seem to take scratches easily. There are three glide pads around the edge of the mouse. These are sufficient to easily carry the Avatar across your gaming surface.

The mouse sticker holds the serial number of the device. The laser is pretty much in the center and is clearly labeled with the words "Japan made IR, High Performance 2600 DPI". Taking a closer look, the Laser is labeled "Kingsis".

The USB plug on the very long USB cable is gold plated.
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