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The Beta ships in a plain brown cardboard box with black printing. The front and back list the same set of features. Both smaller side panels list a set of specifications. There are no images, fancy stickers or other aspects which could raise the price of the package. Looking at the box it should become apparent right away, that NZXT has really pushed the envelope to keep the price down.

The case is secured with the usual set of Styrofoam spacers and is protected by a thin plastic bag. Once again, every measure was taken to keep costs to a minimum.


The case ships with a screw-less system in form of plastic locks. Instead of coming pre-installed on the case, NZXT ships them in a plain cardboard box. There are enough to apply them on both sides of the external drive bays. You will also find a pair for the 3.5 inch bay, even though the Beta does not have such an expansion slot. The package is rounded up with a basic set of screws, a microphone and a metal piece to lock the side of the chassis. You will not even get a real manual, just a piece of paper, which points you to a URL to download the document.
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