NZXT Beta 24

NZXT Beta Review

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Value and Conclusion

  • Extremely affordable brand name case
  • All black interior
  • Nice looking front
  • Screw-less ODD system works - when used in pairs
  • Screw-less HDD system works well as well
  • Dust filter on all openings on the front of the case
  • Appropriate structural quality for the price
  • Possibility to add three more fans
  • Fan lighting up front not too strong
  • Well packaged
  • Short I/O cables - especially the audio one
  • Blue LEDs of power and HDD activity may be too bright for some bedrooms
  • I/O Audio cable way too short
  • No rear fan included
  • No external 3.5 inch bay
  • No hole for easy CPU cooler removal on mainboard tray
  • Extremely long PSUs may cause problems with long ODDs
The NZXT Beta is certainly one of the most affordable brand name cases out there. With a price tag of just under 50 US Dollars/Euros, you cannot expect much innovation. The main selling points of the case are the black interior paint job and the well designed front. You will only get a single fan and a simple, but effective interior layout within the case. The case does have a few short comings which are to be expected, but the 40-60 US Dollar market for cases is more than crowded. You have to ask yourself if you do not want to scrape together a few bucks more to grab yourself a case with a second fan and a few additional features instead. But before you may think that the case is not worth every penny, let me tell you: the NZXT Beta is a great chassis for the price point and brings one or two nice features to the price class - perfect for first time builders or those wanting to avoid that ugly OEM case for just a few bucks more.
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