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NZXT Guardian 921 Review

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The package of the Guardian 921 is black with an image of the turned on case in the front. Turning the box over, you will find that same image once more, along with some text pointing out the most unique features of the chassis. Both smaller ends of the package list the specifications of the case in multiple languages.

NZXT has chosen to secure the Guardian 921 with thick Styrofoam spacers. A clear plastic bag and plenty of protective foil have been applied to protect any scratch prone areas. In other words, most of the surface of the Guardian 921 is so smooth, that you will see any scratches right away.


NZXT ships all the contents inside a black envelope. You will find all needed screws, nicely seperated by type, and the needed rails for the hard drives inside. A black/white manual should help you with installation, but the case interior is nothing out of the ordinary, so you probally won't need it.
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