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Value & Conclusion

  • The NZXT H2 chassis will set you back 99 US Dollars or 99.90 Euro. Be sure to check out the special on
  • Sweet looking design
  • Good construction quality
  • External SATA bay
  • Includes three fans
  • Great cable management capability
  • Easy installation of all drives
  • Plenty of cable management possibilities
  • Simple but effective fan controller
  • Extremely silent on low speed
  • Dust filter on intake fans
  • Available in two colors (white or black)
  • Thumbscrews have been placed within the chassis
  • Thumb screws for expansion slots
  • Meaningful tool-less systems
  • Sound Dampening on front and sides
  • Removable fan frames
  • Simple but informative packaging
  • Limited space for graphics cards
  • No hot-swap hard drives
  • Fans are not silent at full force
  • Plastic may not be for everyone
  • USB 3.0 cable is blue and somewhat long
  • Simple packaging
After the recent success of the Fractal Design Define series, a lot of manufacturers are aiming to offer silent cases or revisit their past offerings. The NZXT H2 is a viable alternative to the Define R3, offering a very different feature set with multiple advantages over the Fractal Design case, but also costs a tad bit more. You get USB 3.0 and the hot-swap bay on top, which is something Fractal Design does not offer, besides that the H2 takes a different approach to a similar feature set. You will get sound dampening in form of soft material instead of something thin and dense, hard drive rails which are accessible from the outside of the chassis, all black interior with a noticeable grain, making it very scratch resistant. This makes the NZXT H2 a serious contender in this market segment and a well thought out chassis.
The only noticeable drawback, is the fact that it has a somewhat compact interior, limiting the length of graphics cards which will fit within the H2 without having to sacrifice up to two hard drive bays. While this may reduce the total of usable drive bays to six, it should be more than enough for the vast majority of users, so we can recommend the NZXT H2 wholeheartedly if this little restriction fits your bill.
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