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NZXT HALE82 V2 700 W Review

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The box lacks any graphics, but has a window which provides a view of the PSU's fan. The front has the model number and a series of badges for the efficiency certification, ErP Lot 6 2013 compliance, fully modular design, and 135 mm fan. The unit's three year warranty is depicted inside a yellow frame.

One of the two sides has the PSU's power code, a reference to its bundled power cord, while the other is covered in a graphical description of all available connectors.

The power specifications table at the rear comes with a list describing the features of the PSU. NZXT also provides several shots of the PSU's internals, which will allow experienced users to accurately second-guess its general quality.


The unit comes inside a packing foam compartment; however, the foam board on top isn't thick enough to provide adequate protection under tough conditions. The PSU is also wrapped in plastic to avoid scratching its surface up as you unpack the unit (and most likely while it is packed up as well).

The bundle includes a nylon pouch. It stores all modular cables, several zip ties, a set of fixing bolts, and the necessary power cord. Our sample shipped with the power cord for the USA.


The PSU doesn't feature an innovative design but a regular, plain one. However, its white paint-job makes it stand out of the crowd. The white fan is also a nice touch, and its black modular panel matches the overall design well. This is without a doubt a nice looking unit—it will garnish the internals of a system well.

Its normal dimensions allow it to easily fit inside a standard ATX case. We are pretty sure that a different fan grill would be a much better match than the plain one it is equipped with.

Although all its other cables are flat and stealth, it is equipped with a plain main ATX cable. Fully sleeved but with unappealing colored wires, NZXT should have avoided using regular cables to save on cost by making the ATX cable stealth and flat too. Since most users will pick this unit off the shelf because of its nice external design and color, NZXT ought to use a different ATX cable that won't spoil the overall image of the unit.

Cable quality is high enough and the ribboned stealth cables are in line with the white finish of the unit.
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